We make Positive Vibe Music with Positive Philosophy

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We are Naturalesa Music. We make Positive Vibe Music with Positive Philosophy, devoted connecting and respecting Nature, Mother Earth, art of relationships packed in easy listening funny form, reggae, indie pop, world music style.

We produce GUSLITHERAPY - musictherapy - SLAVIC MANTRAS for meditation, relax mind, calmness and rest by making unique healing sounds of sacral slavic native music instrument - GUSLI - harp that had come from ancient Slavic roots and tuned in special happy tune 432 Hz solfeggio, useful for human system.

We created MANTRA CALENDAR that follow Nature cycles, if person will be in flow with nature rhythms he/she can organize his/her life more harmonically.

We create amazing sensual Long PIANO sets for deep sense, rest and chill, Solo Piano Relax/Calm/Sense and others.

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  • 432 Hz Music key
    All our tracks made in 432 Hz Music key. Scientists proved that water molecules transformed in harmony forms with this music key - human consists of 80% water
  • Slavic traditional music instrument – GUSLI
    We use unique sacral Slavic traditional music instrument Slavic harp – GUSLI and make sound engineering creating new synths and bases from Slavic harp sound
  • Mix of instruments
    We mix traditional Slavic music instruments Slavic harp – Gusli, Slavic flute - kaluka and others with electronic dance styles, dnb, organic house, deep house
  • Sacral texts
    We use ancient Slavic sacral texts from Slavic roots
  • Resource music
    We bring positive life-affirmations and lyrics for resource human state
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