We make a beautiful show, live concert and mantra session therapy with live vocals, piano, drum, guitar, ancient Slavic harp - GUSLI, flute and other music instruments.

We have a music band Naturalesa of professional musicians that also work with the most famous and successful celebrities.

2021 Winners of the international competition «Step by Step».

In 2020 we participated in the unique project LIFE IN A DAY that had produced by Ridley Skott.

In 2021 the single "I am rich" was "The week star" of the Universal music group and had many radio rotations on the famous USA IHeart Radio, TST France radio, Amsterdam and other stations.

The official clip “I am rich remix” kept 3 weeks in the top of the famous music resource “TOPHIT”.

World Champions “Megacrew” of 2021 in Hip Hop Dance danced in the official video "I am rich remix”.

World Champions “Megacrew” of 2021 in Hip Hop Dance danced in the official video "I am rich remix”.
The single "My mother is freedom" had rotations on the famous USA radio "IHeart Radio”.

The single "I am loving Jah" was taken on the famous USA TV MediaNet.

The album of Guslitherapy mantras “RADA” was added in INDIGO heritage Russian fond like a cultural phenomenon.

We have collaborations with famous artists and musicians.
Gerbert Morales is a famous Russian cuban reggae artist
Masha & Medvedi
TV show about Positive psychology with Maksim artist
2021 We became winners with the mantra RADA in the international competition “art center - Step by Step”.

2022 single DAZHDI of Mantra Calendar album was in the TOP Yandex Music of the WORLD MUSIC

2022 single OVSEN of Mantra Calendar album in the TOP official FOLK VK PLAYLIST


We are booked and concerted in Russia, Mexico and have invitations to Worldwide Mantra Fest in USA, High vibe records and others countries.
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