Welcome to ancient Slavic mantra coming from the Mother Earth deep inside of women Nature for woman power, resource and transformation.


I’m creating a new women course "VOCAL YOGA" that comes to me from The Mother Universe.

My name is Alexandra Alma. I am the author of books and video courses for women – Womb Bloom and many others women practises. I am the leader of music group "Naturalesa" and author of slavic mantratherapy.

I want to share with you my new product. It consists of 4 woman periods: Ovulation, Menstruation, preMenstruation, afterMenstruation days. That’s important waves for making life in harmony and balance.

This course is for women who want to learn and be aware of the nature of their power and resource and to investigate themself like an energy cosmic creating creature.

Be ecological and green to yourself and the world around you.

What You'll Get
  • Dancing breathing techniques for woman body and energy
    Open your centres by dancing and listening to ancient Mother Earth mantras and sounds
  • Singing techniques to open voice and womb energy
    Learn deep breathing techniques to unblock and open emotional, sexual centres
  • Mantratherapy and mantra singing
    Relax your body and discover real woman power and nature
  • Guslitherapy
    Open your sensitive and vitality channels, have stress relief
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