Gusli Mantras
11 tracks
Each mantra has positive affirmation and resource power. It’s product consists of beautiful melodic man and woman vocals and sacral Slavic music instrument GUSLI like a harp, coming from the ancient Slavic roots. These mantras sounded like a fairytale or lullaby product for kids and parents that make children calm and peaceful. You can use them for baby sleeping or calmness effect for yourself.

Mantras were recorded in special frequency solfeggio 432 Hz happy tune useful for all human systems for balance and harmony.

Gusli mantras are very effective to chill mind, rest, release, for yoga and meditation. These amazing mantras wake up potential creating energy, inspire you, if you an artist for example you can put these mantras like a creative atmosphere and start to paint.

Enjoy our mantras with pleasure.
1. In the rhythm of the Sun
2. Rainy
3. I am loving Jah
4. My sincere love
5. Lullaby
6. Way of Heart
7. Top of Love
8. We are unique
10. Who am I
11. Prayer
9. Winter
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