12 tracks
1. Guslitherapy-A
2. Guslitherapy-B
3. Guslitherapy-C
4. Guslitherapy-D
5. Guslitherapy-E
6. Guslitherapy-F
7. Guslitherapy-G
8. Guslitherapy-H
10. Guslitherapy-J
11. Guslitherapy-K
9. Guslitherapy-I
12. Guslitherapy-L
Amazing and Relax instrumental music of unique sacral Slavic instrument magic harp GUSLI that come from Slavic roots and have powerful connections with the Earth and cosmic power.

This is resource music tuned in special music key 432 Hz, that's useful for all human systems, put you in balance and harmony mood and open creative energy, chakras, energy centres, make emotion clean.

This is a really beautiful sound atmosphere for relaxing and chill.

Enjoy !
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