Mantra Calendar
6 tracks
Special mantras that helps you be in harmony and FLOW with yourself and Nature rhythms and get success in your life. Definitely planets, stars, the Sun, the Moon, the Earth, Equinoxes and Solstices influence for us, for our body&mind, for our activity. When we follow Nature phases and Earth rhythms we can plan our life and business more accurate and get success naturally.

This mantra calendar by music and earth rhythms help you to tune your internal rhythms with Nature rhythms and be in harmony and successful with the external world and changes, to be ready to change strategy with the Nature change and be ready to act effectively in your business or daily life based on the Earth and Solar Power and their Rhythm Pattern.

You can sing and repeat with vocals.
You can dance and listen it to get power and vitality energy.

1. LADA - harmony mantra for creating energy, giving a birth
2. TARA - earth rhythm's mantra for up vitality
3. VEDAMA - mantra for dreaming and energy body
4. MANTRA OM - universal mantra for harmonization and balance
5. DAZHDI - mantra for financial success and business
6. AUM MA - mantra for catharsis and reflexes
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